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The Virgin of Miracles

The image of the Virgin of Miracles located in El Puerto de Santa María is a small carving in larch wood, a type of wood very common in Central Europe characterised by its reddish colour. The image represents the Virgin with the Child Jesus.

The last restoration of the image was carried out in 1979. Although it has a brownish tone, this last restoration revealed that this was not its original colour. The data supplied by stratigraphic and microscopic studies conducted since then has demonstrated that its original colour was that of a pale skin. The most probable explanation is that over the years the preference was for the image to be similar to the Byzantine icons of the time, displaying a brownish tone, since this was the fashion in the 14th century.

Unquestionably, this image of Mary features greatly in the history and legends of the town, and many artistic works related with her can be found here. But as for her origin and history, there are few records.

The image of the Virgin of Miracles remained in the Castle of San Marcos for several centuries and is now in the Priory Church.