Wine tasting

We recommend extending your visit to the Castle of San Marcos to discover the historic winery and enjoy a first-class wine tasting experience.

First you’ll get to know the historic winery, which was incorporated into the Castle complex in the early 20th century. Surrounded by barrels where some of the finest wines of the Caballero Group are produced and aged, we’ll explain to you the magic and mystery surrounding the wines of the Marco de Jerez region: the types of grape, the confluence of soil, climate and winds that is unique in the world, the solera and criadera system, and the different types of wines made in this Denomination of Origin.

Then you’ll enjoy a tasting session of three excellent Jerez wines, the famous Lustau vermouth and the Caballero punch. And at the end, in our shop you can buy any product of the brands of the Caballero Group at special prices.

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Cata de vinos

Fino Pavón

A fino of pale straw colour, with an extraordinary light, dry and smooth flavour.

Cata de vinos

Oloroso Río Viejo

With a brilliant mahogany colour, its long ageing gives it aromas of great diversity and elegance. In the mouth it is well-rounded, velvety, very dry, broad and long.

Cata de vinos

Cream Candela

Cream is a semi-sweet wine made from mixing the finest soleras of the oloroso wines and Pedro Ximénez. Its flavour is smooth, sweet and very velvety.

cata de vinos

Lustau Rosé Vermouth

This vermouth is a mixture of wines and spices. Lustau was the first Jerez winery to market a vermouth. This rosé is made with golden Muscatel and Tintilla de Rota grapes and a secret recipe that includes wormwood, cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla. Delicious!

cata de vinos

Ponche Caballero

A brilliant amber colour. Orange and vanilla aromas, with spicy touches and notes of almond. An intense, sweet taste … That’s the unmistakable essence of Ponche Caballero! Perfect for drinking alone with ice, combined or as a base for some surprising cocktails.

Selection of wines offered according to availability