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The city of 100 palaces and its relationship with America

At the beginning of the Modern Era, El Puerto de Santa María is in a period of splendor due to the actions of Luis de la Cerda; I Duke of Medinaceli. It is at this time that the city and the Castillo de San Marcos will establish a special relationship with the American continent and its discovery.

Due to the fact that the fortress was a possible residence of the dukes in the form of a little palace, it could house some of the great conquerors of the American territory while they prepared their first expeditions. Among them we can name Christopher Columbus himself, resident in the El Puerto between 1483 and 1486 as he sought patronage from the house of Medinaceli for his travels, and from whom they say he received information about the new continent from navigators who lived in the ducal town before 1492.

 Alonso de Ojeda (1468-1515) can also be named, a servant of the dukes in the city and promoter of the expedition of May 18, 1499, in which the coasts of Venezuela, Brazil or the mouth of the Amazon were explored, setting sail from El Puerto de Santa Maria. Other great personalities who inhabited El Puerto were Amerigo Vespuccio or Rodrigo de Bastidas.

A separate case is that of Juan de la Cosa (1460-1510), a magnificent navigator and cartographer who lived in the city before and after the discovery. He was the owner and captain of one of the caravels that participated in the first voyage of Columbus, in addition to making the first map in which the coasts of the American continent appeared in the year 1500.

The visitor will be able to enjoy all that historical legacy to which the Castillo de San Marcos is heir in its own context, housing a copy of the original map that Juan de la Cosa made within its walls.

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