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The Mosque of Al-Qanatif

In 711 AD the Iberian Peninsula is conquered by the Muslims from the south to the north, leaving the ancient city of Portus under Arab domination.

The new population in the form of a small village received the name of Al-Qanatif, translated as “the bridge” or “the arches”, and shows signs of occupation since the time of the Emirate of Cordoba (756-929 AD).

It was during the Caliphate period (929-1031 AD) when the Roman building that occupied what is now the Castle of San Marcos was going to be transformed into a mosque with Cordovan features comparable to others such as the current Iglesia del Cristo de la Luz in Toledo. In addition to this, the space was used as a cemetery in Andalusian times.

Even today the visitor can enjoy some elements of the old Al-Qanatif mosque; such as the Quibla wall with its Mihrab, the ablutions yard or the horseshoe arches that make up the old prayer room.

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